Advancing The Art And Science Of Dentistry

Aesthetics & Digital Dentistry Academy (ADDA) is formed in 2015 with the objective of advancing the art and science of dentistry. This is done through focusing on combining dental education with practical hands on training. This ‘beyond the classroom’ learning is where we believe ADDA is different.

Taught In An Intimate Setting

Our courses are held in an intimate setting to encourage optimum assimilation of knowledge in the field of aesthetic dentistry, dental implants and digital dentistry.

An Emphasis On Teamwork

ADDA believes that dentistry is not just about the individual’s clinical skills, but also the team skills. Teamwork is critical for the effective and efficient delivery of quality dentistry and this is why our courses are accompanied by team training where possible.

A Belief In Lifelong Learning

With the belief that education must be accompanied with practice, Drs Jerry Lim and Ronnie Yap set up ADDA with the vision to contribute towards life-long learning for the dental profession.