Due to the CoVid 19 situation, and after discussion with Dr Frank Zastrow, we have decided to postpone the course to the following year. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this and will refund the fees through PayPal. Alternatively you can also retain your registration for the following year.

ROME: All Around Tooth, From Apex, Soft Tissue to Incisal

16 hours to revolutionize your dentistry.

When: 20 March 2020 (Friday) to 21 March 2020 (Saturday)
Location: Pullman Thamrin, Jarkarta, Indonesia

This lecture series has been handpicked by the best Italian dental professors and clinicians who have more than 40 years of experience in performing fine dentistry, from research to clinical perspective, to equip dentists for successful and long-term clinical works.

The Objectives of this Lecture Series

To take your dentistry practice to a different level in the areas of apex, soft tissue and indirect restorations.

The Speakers: 4 Masters of Dentistry

Prof Francesco M. Magani MD, DDS: Adhesive Conservative Dentistry – What a Wonderful World!

Deeper understanding about:

  • Inlay, Outlay & Overlay Understanding to Longlasting Restoration
  • Managing Damaged Tooth for Restoration
  • Tips in Rebuilding Tooth for Better Restoration
  • Management and Tips in Beautiful Preparation
  • Managing Adhesion and Cementation of Ceramics

Prof Marco Martignoni: Modern Endodontic – The Key to Successful Treatment

Deeper understanding about:

  • To Post or not to Post in Post – Endodontic Treatment Endo – Resto Calibration
  • Obturation and Intra-Radicular Retention
  • Access Opening: Finding MB2, MB3 & Finding Block Canals

Prof Giovanni Zuchelli: Mucogingival Esthietic Around Teeth and Implant

Deeper understanding about:

  • Treatment of Gingival Recession Around Teeth and Implants
  • Soft tissue Approach For Immediate and Delayed Implant Installation
  • Soft Tissue Augmentation Surgery in the Edentulous Site for Pontic or Before Implant Installation

Dott. Domenico Massironi: The Restoration of in the Esthetic Zone

  • Precision in Preparation
  • Esthetic Cases in Prosthodontics
  • Full Mouth Rehabilitation
  • Increasing Vertical Dimension
  • Advanced Cases in Daily Full Mouth Rehabilitation

The Moderators

drg. Leonard C. Nelwan, Sp. Pros FISID, FITI

drg. H.M. Bernard Ongki Iskandar, Sp.KG

drg. Dedy Yudha Rismanto, Sp. Perio

Dr. Ronnie Yap

drg. Astrid Khatalia, Sp. Pros

drg. Marino Sutedjo Sp.KG

drg. Ivan Hadiutomo

Day 1
0700 – 0800: Registration
0800 – 1000: Lecture by Prof. Francesco M. Mangani MD, DDS: “Damaged Goods; the concept of restoring damaged tooth”
1000 – 1015: Coffee Break
1015 – 1130: Lecture by Prof. Francesco M Mangani MD, DDS: “Damaged goods; inlay, onlay & overlay preparation concept to long lasting restoration”
1130 – 1300: Lunch and Friday Prayer Break
1300 – 1400: Lecture and Live Discussion with Prof Francesco M. Mangani MD, DDS: Next Level bonded dentistry”
1400 – 1600: Lecture by Prof. Marco Martignoni: “From Apex with love: long lasting endodontic strategies”
1600 – 1615: Coffee Break
1615 – 1800: Lecture by Prof. Marco Martignoni: “From Apex with love: opening blocked roads to endocrown”
1800 – 1830: Live Discussion with Prof. Marco Martignoni
Day 2
0700 – 0800: Registration
0800 – 1000: Lecture by Dr D. Massironi: “The use of the micro mini invasive concepts for the prosthesis in the esthetic: The modify chamfer”
1000 – 1015: Coffee Break
1015 – 1130: Lecture by Dr D. Massironi: “Comples cases and fill mouth rehabilitation
1130 – 1230: Lunch
1230 – 1330: Lecture and Live Discussion with Dr D. Massironi: “Dysfunctional patients”
1330 – 1530: Lecture by Prof. Zuchelli: “Treatment of gingival recession around teeth and inplants (Difference and step by step surgical technique)”
1530 – 1545: Coffee Break
1545 – 1700: Lecture by Prof. Zuchelli: “Soft tissue approach for immediate and delayed implant installation”
1700 – 1830: Live Video and Discussion with Prof. Zuchelli: “Soft tissue augmentation surgery in the edentulous site for pontic or before implant installation”
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Course Dates: To be announced soon
Length: 2 Days
Location: Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Thamrin CBD

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